Does Objectification Exist in Fan Culture?

I'm going to write this carefully. I don't want to make unfair comparisons, and every fan who interacts with and consumes media is unique. But I do think that some points need to be made. I, for one, can combine my affection for characters with my affection for the people who portray them. This could be unhealthy. Here are some examples that show the divide between imagination and reality:
Somewhere in Los Angeles, Dylan O'Brien and Holland Roden rehearse a scene as Stiles and Lydia. The director yells, "Cut!" Their day on the set of Teen Wolf is over. Dylan and Holland leave the set to spend the evening with friends. Miles away in another part of LA, Chris Evans finishes a comedic scene. The director dismisses the cast and crew. Chris goes to his trailer and changes from his Captain America costume into some casual clothes. He leaves the set, possibly to have dinner with some of his Avengers cast or hang out with his family. In a house in Indianapolis, John Gree…

An Unpopular Opinion: Joey and Rachel

The following contains spoilers for Friends.
I've been watching some of the later seasons of Friends. I understand that Ross and Rachel are the main couple. Late in the series, the writers decided to throw in a Joey-Rachel romance. The circumstances surrounding this are part of a jealous instinct based on both of their previous relationships with Charlie and Ross. Joey and Rachel decide to follow suit, which at first makes every interaction awkward, especially for Ross. Both Joey and Rachel admit their wrongdoing, and Ross relents, stating that he should be okay with them together. He has allowed his obsession with Rachel to impact this new relationship.
Although their romance does not last long, Joey does not allow their relationship to affect their friendship and the fact that they share an apartment. Both are willing to talk through their struggles and are honest with one another. This may be a better relationship for Rachel than her relationship with Ross. They argue less, and…

Throwback: The Suite Life and Drake and Josh

If you are a late 90s or early 2000s kid, you will have at least heard of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on Disney Channel andDrake and Josh on Nickelodeon. Both shows were quite popular in their day, with The Suite Life inspiring a movie and a spin-off series and Drake and Josh inspiring two movies. I'm biased toward Disney shows, so I'm not going to try to pick a favorite. Instead, I'm going to look at what makes these shows so memorable, even today.
The Suite Life, starring actors Dylan and Cole Sprouse, has rather iconic side characters such as Arwin the hotel handyman, Muriel the maid, and Esteban the bellman. Also, London and Maddie's constant banter, plus London and Mr. Moseby's love-hate relationship make for some funny scenes. The various themed shows such as Halloween, mob boss, and alternate universe episodes add to its charm. The actors' comedic timing is even present in their bloopers.
Drake and Josh, starring actor/musician Drake Bell and actor/You…

An Interview with Writer Stacey Salsbery

I've known Stacey for almost a decade. I first met her as my parents' friend and got to know her better when she became a leader in my youth group. One part about her that I admire is her passion for the Bible. Since she is a writer who is most likely older than most of my readers and is in a different life stage than I am, I decided to interview her.
Q: When did you first begin writing and call yourself a writer? S: Writing for me has been recent. It developed out of my time teaching a ladies Bible study. I would always make a handout for the ladies and they kept telling me, “We just love your notes.” Which got me thinking, I wonder if I could turn my notes into some sort of devotional. It felt like an unattainable dream at first, especially since I was pregnant with our third child. But the idea just wouldn’t go away.
So I dabbled in it for a bit. Writing and rewriting my notes for that ladies Bible Study. And then three years ago, I started a blog, wherein I write a deeper de…

5 Reasons to Watch Geek Charming

One of the lesser known Disney Channel Original Movies (or DCOMs) that I enjoy is Geek Charming. It was released on Disney Channel in 2011, stars Sarah Hyland, Matt Prokop, and Sasha Pieterse, and is based on a book with the same name. Hyland plays a popular girl named Dylan who wants to win the high school's spring formal crown, while Prokop is a "film geek" who makes a movie about Hyland's life for a contest ( Here are some reasons why you should watch this:

The film is a reverse Cinderella story with many different elements.Both characters grow throughout the movie, not just one. Dylan and Josh come from completely different worlds both in their activities and their home lives. They must try to get along to succeed.Vulnerability through student films- Josh sees another side of Dylan as he studies footage and tries to give a real view of her life through his art.A realistic story- We see time pass through the film. The character…

5 Quotes from Fictional Couples for a Valentine's Weekend

1. "I was in love with Zoey before I hit the ground."- Chase Matthews, Zoey 101
Chase and Zoey have a rather iconic relationship for a Nickelodeon show that some find forgettable. Throughout the series, Chase struggles with his unrequited love for Zoey, even while they build a strong friendship.
2. "I'm the guy for you, Brooke Davis."- Lucas Scott to Brooke Davis, One Tree Hill
This quote comes during a reuniting moment. I haven't watched much of this show, but this quote stuck out to me.
3. "I can be surrounded by a sea of people and still feel all alone . . . Then, I think of you."- Austin Ames to Sam Montgomery, A Cinderella Story,
Austin and Sam's connection in this fan favorite mostly happens over the internet. Austin charms Sam with his poetics. (Yes, there are two Chad Michael Murray characters on this list. Go with it.)
4. "Remember I love you."- Stiles Stilinski to Lydia Martin, Teen …

T Swift History and Belated Thoughts on reputation

I've been a fan of Taylor Swift since Speak Now in 2010. On that album, she spends time wishing some of her exes would take her back. Her next album Red also references past relationships. With a new chapter of my life (college), came a new Taylor Swift album, the completely pop-1989. This captures her journey of moving to an unfamiliar place and dealing with haters. She also discusses her relationship with Harry Styles. (You may have your own thoughts on those references, but it's pretty clear.)
After 1989, Taylor took a break from writing and was involved in some heavy drama (think Kanye and Kim, her breakup with Calvin Harris, and fling (?) with Tom Hiddleston). Who knows if she had time to write?
Then rumors began last fall that a new album was on the horizon. Would Taylor address the drama of two summers ago? Would she move on with no hint of her side of the story? The album art alone proved this was not the case. I learned suddenly that she had a new boyfriend. Would she…