Goodbye Girl Meets World

When I first began watching Girl Meets World (GMW), I was a freshman in college. I had seen few Boy Meets World episodes but was interested in a new story for a new generation. I enjoyed watching Riley, Maya, Lucas, Farkle, Zay, and Smackle grow up and learn.
While some episodes were purely for an entertainment value, others taught lessons such as appreciating your parents, dealing with liking the same boy as your friend, and handling a poor grade in a class. I learned to sympathize with Maya's life in a single-parent home and Farkle's insecurities.
There was something compelling about Riley and the stories.
Spoilers are contained in the following section.

I appreciated the last episode. It cleared up some lingering Boy Meets World questions about Mr. Turner's feelings towards Shawn and both actors playing Morgan. I liked the flashbacks with Cory and Josh and how they fit into the end of the episode. I did not like how quickly Lucas got over Riley's leaving, although I didn't think the writers developed their relationship well in general once they were officially a couple. I appreciated Riley and Maya's last conversation. "Thunder." "Lightning." "Done."

No more spoilers. Read on.
Most final episodes of Disney shows have more flashbacks to previous moments, but the writers already gave that to us with "World Meets Girl." I am content with how the writers ended this chapter for the characters. If GMW does move to another network, I don't know whether or not I will continue to watch. I appreciated the show's at times lighthearted feel, and I don't know if the show will work if other networks try to take it in a darker direction.


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